Strategy and funding are two sides of the same coin: Implementing a strategy takes funds, while fundraising will not work without a solid strategic plan. We provide strategy development and fund raising in an integrated proposition.

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We are a consulting firm that helps companies fund their technological development and growth. We understand companies from the perspective of their different stakeholders and help define, shape, and write their business plans, R&D-roadmaps, and financial models. Based on this, we identify and raise the most appropriate form of funding for each phase, ranging from subsidies and grants to (soft) loans, bank debt and private investments.

We call this concept strategic funding.

Our portfolio includes startups that we assisted from their first pitchdeck to exit, as well as SMEs, large corporates and listed companies. Our clients are happy to provide testimony as to the uniqueness of our approach, the quality of our service and the dedication of our people.

We work with companies in any technology area, business sector or of any size. Our work is less about providing the right answers than it is about asking the right questions; those that a prospective funding agency, bank or equity investor would ask. We prepare the documents for the deal and assist our clients all the way through, until all the funds have been used and the administrative requirements have been met. This allows our clients to do what they do best: build their businesses.

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Our approach

Why us?

Trusted advisor

We take a deep dive into the commercial, financial, and technological aspects of your company in order to raise funds for growth and innovation in accord with the company's strategic roadmap.

Result focus

We usually link our fee directly to the funds we raise. When your company flourishes, so do we. But also afterwards, when the funds have been raised and require administrative compliance, we remain at our clients' service. This nurtures long-lasting relationships.

Large network

We have a network of investors, large corporates, and supporting organizations to help you get the best professional services available.




Benedict Peax raised over € 500 000 in an Eurostars grant for a collaboration between Smart-Ship and Shiptec.



Benedict Peax raised € 750 000 for the collaboration between the two companies, which catalysed a long-term relationship.



Benedict Peax raised € 750 000 for the collaboration between the two companies, which catalysed a long-term relationship.



Vislift is an easy-to-install fish migration system that allows fish to resume their migration up Europe’s waterways towards their traditional spawning grounds.



Nowi develops a chip that can boost the voltage of energy harvested from ambient sources, such as wifi or mobile phone signals, motion and light. BPx has supported the company in fundraising since its inception in 2016. We congratulate Nowi and are happy to have been part of their journey!

The people at Benedict Peax have supported our company from its very incorporation. They helped us sharpen our strategy and roadmaps, and they helped us obtain a PoC loan, an Innovation Credit, WBSO tax relief, collaboration grants—and there are still applications pending! They also helped us close a deal with an equity investor. Their profiles and expertise merge into an exceptional combination of subsidy adviser, strategy consultant and corporate finance expert.

Roel Lakmaker

Benedict Peax have been incredibly successful at raising grants and credits for us. And their service is not a matter of hit-and-run: they stayed with us to help administer the project and prepare progress reports in accord with the funding agencies’ requirements. But their value has greatly exceeded the money they brought in. They have helped us shape our roadmap and strategy. Without their nagging questions and the insistence with which they asked them, we would not be where we are today.

Simon van der Jagt
CEO Nowi Energy

Benedict Peax combines top-level technical expertise with a real understanding of the practical problems faced on a daily basis by the entrepreneur. Where bankers may be risk-averse, corporate finance experts aloof (and expensive!), subsidy consultants one-dimensional, the people at Benedict Peax are kind but direct, down-to-earth but experts in their fields. They’re not cheap but any alternative would have cost us much more in terms of loss of opportunity. When the going gets tough, they’re the ones to call.

Hans Pol
COO SFC Energy

Our team

Tara Bolton
William Vuijk
Jesse van Bemmelen
Varsha Ramlal
Larissa Hilgenberg
Jeffrey Eelman
Carst Ivo Meijer
Dyanna Antoin
Bob Stassar
Founding partner
Guus Stevens
Peter Saarloos
Kelbey Wheeler
Ellen Helbing
Gerben van der Wal
Founding partner
Pieter Paumen
Founding partner
Xavier Weert
Founding partner
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